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One Direction Facts
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  • me: *steals zayn's heart to sell in the organ market*
  • zayn: can you give it back to me
  • me: never in your wildest dreams


So I met One Direction with my best friend.

I told them to pose as if we were scientists working in a lab at Jurassic Park and all of a sudden a T-Rex had burst in through the wall.

But Liam looks as if it’s no big deal.

"Happens all the time"

so this happened

Harry falling out the bus at the hotel and security had to catch him. The boy needs a helmet damn

(Hello yes so I realize I haven’t been on in ages but mental health took it’s toll. So yes. I am meeting one direction on sunday. And I’m fucking terrified. Help. I’d rather be dead than have to deal with this)


i bet if the one direction bus breaks down they just attach ropes and chains to liam and he pulls it to the nearest town


Me on my way to steal yo girl

Today I went to a psychiatrist called Dr. Malik


well that’s the most awesome stage setup ever